SEC Small Business Advisory Committee to Discuss Funding for Early-Stage Companies and Alternative Funding for Small Businesses

The Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has released its agenda for the meeting scheduled on Tuesday, September 19. The meeting will focus on various aspects of investing in early-stage companies and exploring alternative funding solutions for small businesses. The public can tune in to the live webcast of the meeting on

During the morning session, the Committee will delve into the topic of funds that support early-stage companies, particularly those with underrepresented founders. They will hear insights from an investment firm partner regarding investment strategies and factors influencing investor decisions. The discussion will encompass the impact of early-stage funds and their investors on capital flow, with a special emphasis on promoting diversity among investors and driving positive change.

In the afternoon session, the Committee will shift its focus to alternative avenues for small companies to secure long-term capital for business growth, going beyond traditional equity investments. Expert panelists will share valuable information about alternative funding options tailored for smaller businesses that may face challenges accessing bank funding or not aligning with the growth curve typically sought by venture capital funds.