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Churning is the practice by a broker of repeatedly trading on an account solely for the purpose of generating commissions. This practice typically does little or nothing to generate additional income for the investor. Churning is most common in situations where the broker has authorization from the investor to make discretionary trades on the account.

One of the many problems with this practice is that it raises the investor’s break-even point. By paying such a high level of commissions, the stocks need to perform at a much higher level in order for the investor to break even or make money on the transactions. If you have lost money because of churning by your broker, it is important that you have a lawyer on your side who will fight to recover your losses and work to see that the broker is held accountable.

Strong Representation in Churning Violations Cases

At the law firm of Sonn Law Group, our Florida broker churning violation attorneys fight aggressively to recover the money our clients have lost in stock churning schemes. The worst part about churning cases is that the broker is doing it for his or her own benefit. At no point does the best interest of the investor come into play.

When you hire our firm, we will work with you to fully understand the details of your case. We will closely examine your accounts to see if there are indications of churning. If it appears that there has been churning on your accounts, we will explain your legal options and give you our best recommendation about how to proceed.

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