Stock Losses in Behavioral Recognition Systems Labs, now known as Giant Gray?

giant-grey Did you invest in Behavioral Recognition Systems Laboratories, now known as Giant Gray, Inc.? We are investigating claims made against financial advisors and brokerage firms who recommended that investors purchase stock in Behavioral Recognition Systems (or BRS), or Giant Grey.

According to FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), Scott Reed, a financial advisor, is the subject of an arbitration claim filed by a customer who we believe invested in BRS Labs. The complaint relates to Reed while he worked for David A. Noyes & Company, a brokerage firm in Chicago, Illinois.

Per a 2009 article on, Scott Reed and David A. Noyes & Company sold stock in BRS Labs (now Giant Gray). Scott Reed worked for or was affiliated with David A. Noyes & Company between 1993 and 2016 and worked in an office in Indianapolis, Indiana.

All financial advisors, aka brokers, must perform adequate due diligence on the company before recommending the investment, so that they can adequately disclose all the risks to he investor. If the broker or firm fails conduct adequate due diligence, or recommends the investment as safe, when it is not, they may liable for the investor’s losses.

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