Investigation: Bernardo Misseri formerly of Legend Securities

Bernardo-MisseriThe Sonn Law Group is investigating numerous claims of misconduct related to New York-based broker Bernardo Misseri (FINRA CRD#: 2713297), formerly employed by of Legend Securities and J.P. Turner. Mr. Misseri was recently named a respondent in a FINRA complaint.

The complaint, filed on January 31, 2017, submits that Misseri willfully failed to timely disclose four unsatisfied federal tax liens, three unsatisfied state tax warrants and one compromise with a creditor, which totaled over $335,000, on his Form U4.

Did you suffer significant investment losses while working with Bernardo Misseri, a broker formerly employed by Legend Securities and J.P. Turner? If you invested money with Mr. Misseri and suffered losses, you may be options for recovering compensation. Contact the Sonn Law Group today.

In addition to this most recent allegation, Misseri has been the subject of several FINRA actions and customer complaints over the years. You can find the complete details of Bernardo Misseri’s history as a broker on FINRA’s website.