Top Broker Fired by UBS Financial Services for Violating Firm Policies

Top Broker Fired by UBS Financial Services for Violating Firm PoliciesIn what insiders are calling a surprising decision, highly successful broker Craig D. Findley was fired by his firm, the U.S. arm of UBS Financial Services. Findley operated a team of more than 30 people across three states that managed over $6.1 billion in customer assets.

According to the Form U5 termination notice filed by UBS, Findley was fired for violating firm policies including “training, outside activities and reporting of business travel.”

UBS made it clear that Findley’s termination was not related to issues with sales or clients, suggesting that it was instead related to personnel and expense issues.

Findley’s termination is surprising not only because of his prominence within UBS but also because of the firm’s recent focus on retaining high producers. According to an internal report, UBS lost over 100 advisors in the past six months to competitors.

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