Cardone Capital Investors May Have Claims for Damages

grant cardone lawsuit class action

If you invested in “10X” or with Cardone Capital based on any misleading information published by Cardone on social media, with promises of high investment returns, you may be able to recover losses.

A federal judge has approved investor claims to proceed to seek recovery of their investments.

Last year in California a class action lawsuit against Cardone and his company was dismissed.

However, just last week a federal judge reversed that dismissal and now Grant Cardone – a real estate investor and motivational speaker – faces allegations that his companies engaged in fraudulent and deceptive business practices related to real estate training and coaching programs that they sold to customers. The lawsuit is seeking damages and refunds for customers who purchased the programs.

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In reversing the ruling from last year U.S. Appeals Judge Barbara Lynn has determined that Cardone’s social media posts promoting his crowd-funded investments are subject to federal securities regulations that guard against misstatements and omissions. This ruling has opened the door for other investors to bring claims against Cardone.

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