Investigation: Gaylon Edward Joullian, an Investment Advisor at AXA Advisors, LLC

Gaylon Edward JoullianThe Sonn Law Group is investigating claims related to financial broker Gaylon Edward Joullian. Detailed information related to Mr. Jillian’s history and conduct in the securities industry can be accessed by using FINRA’s free BrokerCheck tool (CRD# 1534417). Mr. Joullian is an active investment advisor currently employed by AXA Advisors, LLC, a brokerage firm that is based in New York City.

AXA Advisors also has many different offices around the country, including in Ridgeland, Mississippi where Mr. Joullian is based. He is licensed to provide financial services in several different states, including Florida, Georgia and Texas.

Investors who have entrusted Mr. Joullian, and his employer AXA Advisors, with their hard-earned money have a right to know about all past customer disputes. If you are currently invested with Gaylon Edward Joullian and you have any questions about your account, please contact an experienced investor losses attorney today.

Customers Complaints Against Gaylon Edward Joullian

Between November of 2001 and December of 2002, Mr. Joullian settled at least four different customer claims. Each time, the complaint was settled for an undisclosed amount of money. At no time did Mr. Joullian or his employer AXA Advisors acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Indeed, in each claim, despite agreeing to pay the affected customers financial compensation in the form of a settlement offer, both Mr. Joullian and AXA Advisors expressly denied any wrongdoing. All four cases involved similar allegations. Specifically, these allegations included:

The cases in questions all involved the sale of insurance products. According to FINRA records, the customers who bought these four claims had all been sold life insurance policies and related financial products by Mr. Joullian. However, the complaints arose because these customers claimed that Mr. Joullian engaged in a scheme that allowed him to substantially misrepresent the premiums that were required by the policies in question. Unlawful misrepresentations can occur in many different ways.

Technically, a broker could unlawfully misrepresent the status of an investment without actually saying anything that is untrue. If important facts or details are left unsaid, or if the general conduct leaves a false impression in the mind of a reasonable consumer, then there may be good cause to bring a claim based on fraudulent misrepresentation.

In the cases against Mr. Joullian, the damages that were sought by the plaintiffs were never specified in FINRA’s records. However, the records do indicate that each claim was believed to be settled for an amount that was greater than $10,000.

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