Investigation: Lightspeed Trading, LLC

Lightspeed Trading At the Sonn Law Group, our securities fraud attorneys are actively investigating any fraud claims involving Lightspeed Trading, LLC. If you are currently invested with this firm, or if you have invested with this firm in the past, you need to be aware of all disciplinary action that has been taken against this company.

Lightspeed Trading, LLC: Disciplinary History

Using FINRA’s free BrokerCheck tool, you can access a detailed report of any registered broker-dealer’s history in the industry. More specifically, details pertaining to a firm can be obtained by inputting the company’s CRD number. For example, Lightspeed Trading’s CRD number is 35519. Some of the notable recent allegations against this company include:

‘Spoofing’ Allegations Against LightSpeed Trading

The 2014 spoofing allegations followed a major investigation that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had conducted into a company called Visionary Trading LLC. This New Jersey-based trading firm was accused of engaging in a large-scale illegal spoofing scheme. The spoofing of traders occurs when firms or individuals place a rapid (and high volume) number of orders to create a false illusion of strong market demand, only to then quickly cancel those orders.

This type of investment fraud is used to trick other traders into making decisions based off of artificially inflated (or deflated) prices. Visionary Trading was eventually ordered to pay $3 million in penalties for spoofing. According to investigators, a registered Lightspeed employee also worked at Visionary Trading.

Further, Lightspeed’s technology and systems helped to facilitate the spoofing, and the company made commissions off of the related trades. Even though Lightspeed Trading had advance knowledge of the illegal spoofing, the company failed to take any action to put a stop to it.

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