UCB Financial Advisors Fined $5.7M by SEC Over Cherry-Picking Charges

UCB Financial Advisors

Clients of UCB Financial Advisors and its principals Lina Maria Garcia and Ramiro Jose Sugranes may have grounds for damages.

In November 2021 Sonn Law Group reported that the SEC had charged UCB Financial Advisor and it’s principals – Lina Maria Garcia and Ramiro Jose Sugranes – with running a “cherry picking” scheme.

Now the SEC is imposing fines and penalties against the firm and it’s operators to the tune of $5,700,000. In addition, Lina Garcia has been suspended from the securities industry by FINRA while Ramiro Sugranes has been barred entirely.

“Investors with UCB Financial Advisors have a very good case against UCB – Garcia and Sugranes – for securities fraud.”

Jeff Sonn, Securities Attorney

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