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WATCH: Attorney Jeffrey Sonn Discusses the Alleged Woodbridge Ponzi Scheme on NBC6 in Miami

12.21.17 – SEC Charges Woodbridge Group With $1.2 Billion Ponzi Scheme

The Sonn Law Group’s prediction that Woodbridge is a ponzi scheme has proven true. Read the full SEC complaint here. We are currently working with investors in the Woodbridge Group of Companies, LLC. If you’ve invested in notes or funds with Woodbridge, the Sonn Law Group is interested in speaking with you. Call us today for a free case review: 305-912-3000

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12.20.17 – An Unofficial Committee of Noteholders Has Been Formed. Join Now!

The following is the opinion of Sonn Law Group and is not intended to be legal advice. Consult your own attorney.

Sonn Law Group is urging Woodbridge Group promissory noteholders to join the Ad Hoc (unofficial) Promissory Noteholders Committee (“Noteholders Committee”). The purpose of the Noteholders Committee is to have a voice in the bankruptcy case to advocate for the rights of the Woodbridge Promissory Noteholders, who were promised a “First Lien” Commercial Promissory Note, that would enjoy first lien secured on the real estate you were shown in the appraisals and pictures to secure your investment. For more information about joining the Noteholders Committee, call our firm at 305.912.3000 or contact us through our online form.

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12.14.17 – Sonn Law Group is representing Woodbridge investors at the formation meeting of the creditors committee.

The formation meeting of the creditors committee is taking place right now in Delaware. Our firm is representing investors in Woodbridge at the meeting. If you’ve invested money with Woodbridge Group of Companies, contact the Sonn Law Group today for a free legal consultation.

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12.05.17 – Woodbridge bankruptcy burns advisers and real estate investors

Already under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Woodbridge Group of Companies, a luxury real estate developer, last week missed payments on notes sold to investors and yesterday filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. If you’ve invested money with Woodbridge Group of Companies, contact the Sonn Law Group today for a free legal consultation.

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11.08.17 – Woodbridge Group Officials Take the 5th Amendment Against Self-Incrimination

Woodbridge Group President, Robert Shapiro, via a March 27, 2017 letter to the SEC from his attorney Ryan O’Quinn, Esq., stated that “Upon consideration of the SEC’s investigative subpoenas and a review with counsel of the individual rights afforded by the United States Constitution, Mr. Shapiro will rely on his constitutional privilege to refuse to be a witness against himself.”

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woodbridge-group-fraud-complaints Currently, the dedicated investment fraud attorneys at Sonn Law Group are investigating any and all allegations of misconduct by Woodbridge Wealth, a California-based firm.

Woodbridge Wealth is the successor company to Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC, and it sells structured financial products to investors, often through intermediary brokers. Here, we highlight some notable past history of investor complaints and legal sanctions that have been brought against this firm.




In April of 2017, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Securities Compliance and Examinations entered into an agreement with Woodbridge Wealth, to settle allegations of securities industry misconduct.

According to Pennsylvania state officials, Woodbridge Wealth was selling complex structured settlement products in the state, in direct violation of the state’s securities regulations. Proper registration is required to sell these types of products to retail investors.

However, Pennsylvania financial regulators determined that Woodbridge Wealth was selling unregistered securities. This is a major legal violation, and it puts investors at risk.

To settle the charges with the state of Pennsylvania, the company agreed to pay a $30,000 fine. Though, Woodbridge Wealth did not admit to or deny any wrongdoing in the course of offering structured settlements to investors in Pennsylvania.


In May of 2016, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) suspended Frank John Capuano (CRD#: 844182), a registered broker from western Massachusetts, after he improperly sold Woodbridge Wealth notes to investors.

At that time of the misconduct, Mr. Capuano was employed at Royal Alliance Associates, a broker-deal with an office in Holyoke, Massachusetts. According to the complaint against Mr. Capuano, he sold more than $1 million worth of Woodbridge notes, taking in $30,000 in commissions for himself, even though the mortgage notes in question did not meet the standards required by his member firm.

Unfortunately, this has been a recurring problem with this company’s products. If you purchased Woodbridge Wealth notes or any other Woodbridge created structured financial product at the recommendation of your registered investment advisor (RIA), and now you believe that the investment was inappropriate, you need to take action.


In May of 2015, Massachusetts state regulators charged a non-registered individual named Charles Nilosek and his firm, Position Benefits, LLC, with fraud. These charges were brought after it was determined that the firm was marketing and selling unregistered securities to vulnerable elderly investors.

According to the legal complaint from the state of Massachusetts, Mr. Nilosek and his company sold more than $4 million in unregistered securities to more than 140 unqualified individuals. These securities should not have been sold in the first place, let alone to these elderly investors.

According to the complaint, Mr. Nilosek and his company Position Benefits, LLC used classic “bait and switch” tactics to market these very complex, unregistered financial products to retirees and near retirees. Most notably, investors were informed that they were being offered a product that came with a guaranteed return. In reality, there was no guaranteed return, or anything else close to it.

This case is tied directly to Woodbridge Wealth, because investigators determined that the company, which was operating as Woodbridge Structured Funding at that time, had originally created the securities that were then being marketed and sold unlawfully by to Position Benefits, LLC. In relation to this case, Massachusetts state officials issued a $250,000 fine against Woodbridge Wealth.


Elder financial abuse is a very serious problem. Sadly, many unscrupulous brokers and brokerage firms try to take advantage of vulnerable retiree investors. Our firm has deep experience handling elder financial fraud cases.
If you or your loved one was a victim of elder financial fraud, either through a Woodbridge Wealth product, or any other financial product, action must be taken. All individuals and companies that take advantage of elderly investors must be held fully accountable for their misconduct.

Our legal team can help. At Sonn Law Group, FINRA attorneys have extensive experience holding bad-acting brokers and broker-dealers legally liable.

If you lost money investing in a Woodbridge Wealth financial product or Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC financial product, please call us today at 833-912-3000 for a free review of your claim. We take on all investment fraud cases on a contingency basis; that means we only collect a legal fee if we win your case.

Disambiguation notice: The information in this article pertains exclusively to Woodbridge Group of Companies, LLC .