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junk bonds lawyers & junk bond fraud attorneysEvery bond that is offered for sale is given a credit rating. In order for a bank to be able to sell a bond, the bond must be of investment grade.

Investment grade means that the bond rating agencies believe that the issuer will likely be able to make good on the bonds at maturity.

In North America, the agencies are:

Bonds that have below investment grade credit ratings come with much higher risk. These are commonly referred to in the industry as junk bonds.

Junk bonds, because of their high risk, usually also offer the opportunity for higher returns. As such, many brokers will sell them as “high yield” bonds or mutual funds without telling investors the whole truth about the risk involved.

It is a violation of FINRA rules, as well as state and federal investment laws to sell an investment without full disclosure.

Seeking Justice for Wronged Junk Bond Investors

If you have lost money because your broker recommended the purchase of a junk bond or investment in a junk bond fund without fully disclosing the risks, the Florida junk bonds lawyers at Sonn Law Group can help.

We have represented countless clients in these cases. From our office in Florida, we have handled cases across the United States and internationally.

Investment in junk bonds is highly speculative and is the right strategy for many people. It is the responsibility of your broker to recommend suitable investments and to fully inform you of the risks associated with any investment.

A failure in any aspect of these responsibilities can create grounds for a claim against the broker and his or her firm. Our attorneys will give you an honest assessment of your case and help you understand your legal options for recovery.

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