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State and federal law is clear when it comes to the responsibility of a broker to fully disclose all material facts when selling an investment. This means that they cannot tell you all of the positives about an investment without also telling you about all of the potential negatives. Any omission of a material fact is a violation, and the broker can be held liable.

Securities laws require that most investments are registered with the securities and exchange commission before they are sold. They also require full disclosure in writing with all of the pertinent information about the investment. Prospectuses, private placement memorandums and other similar types of documentation are typical for these purposes.

At the law firm of Sonn Law Group, we represent clients in all types of state and federal investment fraud matters. We dedicate our entire practice to protecting the interests of investors who have lost money due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of their brokers. Our broker fraud lawyers represent clients throughout the United States and internationally.

Fighting for You in State and Federal Investment Fraud Cases

Filing suit under state or federal law can sometimes provide potential remedies beyond other types of claims. These can include recovery of attorneys fees, rescission of the claim itself, interest on the money from the date of the sale and the ability to prove that the broker’s negligence is a violation of state law, which gives you an automatic right to rescission.

In many states, only negligence needs to be to be proven in order for a broker to be held liable. In federal cases, intent to commit fraud is usually required. While state laws are typically more investor-friendly in these cases, our broker misrepresentation attorneys are fully prepared to represent you in either court and to fight to recover the financial loss you have suffered.

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