Read about the winners of the 2017 Sonn Law Group Community Leader Scholarship Contest, Julia LiPuma and Daniel Nash! Read more here.

The Sonn Law Group Community Leader Scholarship is Back for 2019!

sonn-scholarship-small Paying for college is a tough burden to bear alone. The cost of higher education continues to increase, so students must be creative in funding to avoid extensive debt. We want to help.

The Sonn Law Group is dedicated to impacting our community in a positive way. We recognize the importance of education in the lives of young people, and we aim to contribute where we can.

That’s why we created the Sonn Law Group Community Leader Scholarship.

How to Apply for the Sonn Law Group Community Leader Scholarship

Higher education sets students up for success by preparing them for their eventual careers. However, success is measured in many ways, not simply by one’s profession. Contributing to your community and helping those in need are essential.

To support this end, the Sonn Law Group is offering a scholarship to a student who leads by example and makes a positive impact on his or her community.

So What Do I Do?

It’s simple; choose a cause, a charitable organization, or other group and dedicate your time and other available resources. This contest is NOT about donating money. Instead, you should give back to the community in a way that is meaningful.

Submission Details

Here’s what we want:

  • A log of hours you’ve dedicated (there is no minimum requirement)
  • A signed letter or other document certifying your participation and hours worked
  • An essay summarizing your experiences including:
    1. What you learned
    2. What you gained from the experience
    3. A memorable interaction during your work
    4. Your thoughts on the impact your work will have on the community.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Any high school seniors already accepted to trade school or college
  • Students currently enrolled in a college or trade school

When’s the Deadline?

  • December 1, 2019

When Will the Winner Be Announced?

  • January 1, 2020

What are the Awards?

  • The first place winner (selected by Sonn Law Group) will receive $1,500 to be used towards tuition or books.
  • A second place winner will be selected and will receive a $250 Amazon gift card to be used for books and supplies.

Choosing a Winner

The Sonn Law Group will select a first and second place winner and announce it on the website on Jan 1, 2020. Winners will also be notified directly by email.