HSBC USA Inc. Leveraged Steepener Notes CUSIP: 4042K1TZ6

Buffered Accelerated Market Participation Securities CUSIP: 40435FUA3Did You Invest in HSBC USA Inc. Leveraged Steepener Notes (CUSIP: 4042K1TZ6) 10 year due December 20, 2021?

According to HSBC’s prospectus on CUSIP: 4042K1TZ6:

This free writing prospectus relates to a single offering of Notes. The purchaser of a Note will acquire a senior unsecured debt security of HSBC USA Inc. with quarterly Interest payments that accrue at a fixed rate for the first year of the term of the Notes and at a floating rate equal to the greater of (i) the Interest Floor Rate and (ii) the Reference Rate times 4.5, subject to the Interest Cap Rate, for the remainder of the term of the Notes.

Investors ought to be cautious with this type of investment. According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA):


If you bought the structured product known as HSBC USA Inc. Leveraged Steepener Notes 10 year due December 20, 2021 CUSIP: 4042K1TZ6, and it was sold to you as a safe, liquid, and/or conservative investment, and then you suffered losses, you may have a claim. Contact the attorneys at Sonn Law Group for free consultation.

Image credit: Håkan Dahlström via Flickr