Christopher Edward Bond, Broker with National Securities Corporation, Suspended by FINRA Following Allegations of Unauthorized Trading

INVESTORS: National Securities Corporation broker Christopher Edward Bond was suspended for fifteen business days by FINRA following allegations he made unauthorized trades.

Christopher Edward Bond (CRD#:4658534) is registered as a broker and investment adviser with National Securities Corporation, where he has been employed since 2004. Previously, Bond was registered as a broker with Gunnallen Financial, Inc. in 2004. 

Bond has five disclosures on his BrokerCheck report. One customer dispute filed against Bond was closed with no action taken. Two disclosures on Bond’s BrokerCheck report relate to separate criminal allegations.

February 2022 Regulatory Judgment

Status: Final

Initiated By: FINRA

Allegations: Without admitting or denying the findings, Bond consented to the sanctions and to the entry of findings that he exercised discretion without written authorization with respect to securities transactions in customer accounts. The findings stated that although the customers gave Bond oral or implicit discretion to purchase or sell securities, none of the customers provided prior written authorization for him to exercise discretion in their accounts. In addition, Bond’s member firm did not accept any of the customer accounts as discretionary accounts, and in fact did not permit discretionary trading in non-advisory accounts. Subsequently, Bond stated on a firm compliance questionnaire that he had not engaged in discretionary trading.

Resolution: Acceptance, Waiver & Consent (AWC)

Sanctions: Civil and Administrative Penalty(ies)/Fine(s)

Amount: $5,000.00

Sanctions: Suspension

Registration Capacities Affected: All Capacities

Duration: 15 business days

Start Date: 3/7/2022

End Date: 3/25/2022

February 2020 Customer Dispute

Status: Settled

Allegations: Suitability

Damage Amount Requested: 250,000.00

Settlement Amount: $75,000.00

Broker Comment: Registered representative did not contribute in any manner to the firm settlement and the claims asserted on behalf of customer involved mainly firm’s due diligence of the product. Registered representative is in the immediate process of filing an expungement proceeding to remove this matter from his license pursuant to FINRA Rule.

February 2016 Customer Dispute

Status: Settled

Allegations: The Customers allege failure to follow instructions from September 2015 to January 2016.

Settlement Amount: $31,432.22

Broker Comment: This particular client and his family still work with me today. I have always had a great personal and business relationship with his family. This complaint had nothing to do with me. It was directly related to the actions of my former partner. I was only a part of the team at the time.

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