Jovannie (John) Aquino formerly of Spartan Capital Barred by FINRA for Fraud and Unauthorized Trading

Charged by SEC for Fraud and Unauthorized Trading of Penny Stocks

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Former Spartan Capital investment adviser Jovannie Aquino (AKA John Aquino) (CRD#: 4876661) has been permanently barred from FINRA for fraud and unauthorized trading.

Aquino has 11 years of experience with 13 firms, most recently with Spartan Capital Securities (2017–2018) and Windsor Street Capital (2014–2017), both of New York.

Aquino has eight disclosures in his FINRA record, including civil actions, customer disputes, and IRS liens.

While registered with Meyers Associates (also known as Windsor Street Capital), Aquino was charged with multiple U.S. SEC violations and was permanently barred from practice as an adviser or broker in June 2019. He was also barred from selling penny stocks.

According to NY state court records, in September 2018, Aquino faced charges of fraud, stating that Aquino had engaged in fraud involving excessive trading that generated “substantial commissions to enrich himself while his customers experienced significant losses.”

The court record stated that Aquino’s fraudulent actions had resulted in $881,000 in losses for customers and $935,000 in ill-gotten gains for Aquino.

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