Kane Waller, Formerly of National Financial Services, Charged by FINRA for Misconduct

Waller allegedly shared customers’ material non-block order information with one of his most significant customers on the same side of the market.

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Sonn Law Broker Kane WallerKane Waller (CRD#: 4537969) was named in a FINRA disciplinary complaint on December 2, 2019. The complaint alleges that Waller shared customers’ material non-public block order information with one of his most significant customers on the same side of the market.

The complaint alleges that in each instance, Waller then executed trades for the customer in the same securities that were the subject of his improper disclosure while the block order information was non-public.

On at least two of these occasions, the customer instructed Waller to trade ahead of the other customer’s order. After discovering Waller’s misconduct, his member firm warned him that his conduct was not acceptable. Yet Waller engaged in the misconduct again.

Waller was permitted to resign from Fidelity Investments in July 2017 following allegations that he disclosed other customers’ block order information to another customer on the same side of the market and his subsequent handling of that customer’s orders.

Waller was sanctioned by the Massachusetts Securities Division by requiring that he be supervised on a heightened basis by his new firm, Conaccord Genuity, Inc. 

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