Rand Heckler, Formerly of Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage, Barred from FINRA for Unsuitability and Misrepresentation

Heckler is under FINRA investigation for unsuitable recommendations, misrepresentations, and possible misappropriation

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Rand Alan Heckler (CRD#: 2689235), formerly with Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage of New York, has been barred from FINRA.

FINRA barred Heckler in June 2019 after he failed to respond to a FINRA investigation.

Heckler is under FINRA investigation after a customer filed a complaint alleging unsuitable recommendations, misrepresentations, and possible misappropriation.

Heckler was a financial advisor and registered representative of Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage of New York from January 2014 to April 2019. He worked at a branch office in Glen Cove, New York.

According to Heckler’s FINRA record, he has 22 years of experience with 12 different firms, and has nine disclosures in his record.

Heckler has worked for a total of four firms that have been expelled from FINRA, including Global Arena Capital of New York, Prestige Financial Center of New York, Westrock Advisors of New York, and GunnAllen Financial of Tampa, FL.

In December 2018, a group of Heckler’s customers alleged that they invested money with Heckler per recommendations and never received any accounting or correspondence on the status of the investments or where there monies were.

Clients alleged damages of $312,000. This complaint is pending.

In December 2007, while with Westrock Advisors, a client claimed his investments in private placements with Heckler were misrepresented and unsuitable with alleged damages of $25,000. The claim was settled in 2009 for $25,000.

While also with Westrock Advisors, in 2004 a customer alleged that Heckler had conducted unauthorized trading without customer’s knowledge and the transfer of losses to another client’s account. The alleged damages were $10,000. This case was closed with no action.

Another client accused Heckler of unsuitability in 2002 while Heckler was a broker with Investec Ernst & Company of New York. The client requested damages in the amount of $65,000. The case was settled for $22,000.

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