William Hobby, Former UBS Financial Broker, Hit with 4 Customer Complaints In Last Year

William Hobby has had a total of 24 customer disputes filed against him dating back to 2000

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William David Hobby (CRD# 2240076) is a previously registered broker and investment advisor. From 2012 to 2018, Mr. Hobby was a registered representative with UBS Financial Services, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since January 2018, Mr. Hobby has had 4 customer disputes filed against him that, to date, have paid out over $400,000 in settlements.

Mr. Hobby’s BrokerCheck profile lists a total of 25 disclosures, including one employment separation. In September 2018, Mr. Hobby was discharged from his position with UBS Financial following allegations that he exercised discretion in a client account without authorization, that he failed to escalate the same client’s complaint, and that he worked against the firm’s interests by assisting that client in efforts to obtain a settlement from the firm.

The other 24 disclosures are customers disputes, filed between December 12, 2000, and April 12, 2019. Three of the disputes were denied, 20 were settled, and the most recent one remains pending.

Fourteen of the 19 complaints filed between 2001 and 2004 were filed by claimants who were employees or participants in the WorldCom stock option plan who exercised options and held the stock on margin. When WorldCom became insolvent, these employees and participants were negatively affected. In each of those 14 complaints, Mr. Hobby was one of several financial advisors named but not asked to participate or contribute to the settlements, which were paid by Citigroup Global Markets.

So far, Mr. Hobby himself has paid out nearly $650,000 in total settlement amounts since 2018 alone. A summary of the disputes and requested damage amounts is below, starting with the most recent:

Prior to his registration with UBS Financial, Mr. Hobby was registered with Morgan Stanley (2009–2012) and Citigroup Global Markets (1992–2008).

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