FINRA Attorneys’ Fees: What will I pay?

FINRA attorney feesWere you a victim of investment fraud? If you were, and you sustained significant financial losses, you need to take action to recover the fair compensation you deserve. One of the most common ways to resolve disputes with investment brokers and brokerage firms is through FINRA arbitration.

Of course, if you have are seeking compensation for your investment losses, the last thing you want is more bills, this time from a lawyer. After all, what happens if you are unable to recover compensation for any of your losses? Are you just out even more money? Fortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding no.

You have affordable, high quality, legal options available to you. At Sonn Law Group, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. You should never let worries about the potential cost of legal action dissuade you from protecting your rights and seeking compensation. Here, our experienced FINRA arbitrations attorneys discuss the legal cost of bringing a claim, as well as FINRA’s fee-shifting provisions.


FINRA Arbitration: Costs to Consider

Legal Fees

Contrary to popular belief, the legal fees related to pursuing a claim through FINRA arbitration are not entirely onerous. You will have to pay FINRA a filing fee, which is calculated in relation to the size of your claim. Additionally, you may need to pay some fees for other incidental costs as the process moves forward. For those with financial hardship, fee waivers may be available. Notably, these filing costs can sometimes be recovered if your claim is successful.

Attorneys’ Fees

At Sonn Law Group, our highly qualified investment fraud attorneys take on all FINRA arbitration and securities litigation claims on a contingency fee basis. This type of financial arrangement has many benefits for our clients:

  1. There are no upfront costs for you; we will collect legal fees at the end of your case as a percentage of your recovery.
  2. If we do not help you obtain compensation, we do not get paid at all. We are so confident that we can help you that we are willing to take on all of the financial risks associated with bringing your claim.
  3. Our interests are always fully aligned with that of our clients. We only benefit to the extent that you benefit. That is the way we prefer it.

Possible Fee-Shifting

The United States does not operate under a ‘loser pays’ legal system. In general, plaintiffs must pay their own attorneys’ fees, even if they win their case. However, there are some situations in which FINRA arbitrators can award attorneys’ fees as part of one’s overall damages. Generally, FINRA arbitrators will award attorneys’ fees if the contract in question includes an express fee-shifting provision, or if there is a reason to do so under a statute. Under Florida securities law, FINRA arbitrators are empowered with considerable discretion on the issue of attorneys’ fees. We may be able to help you get all of your attorneys’ fees paid for by the broker or brokerage firm that wronged you.

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