Brokerage Firm Review: Voya Financial Advisors

What Investors Need to Know About Regulatory Actions and Customer Complaints Involving Voya Financial Advisors

Voya Financial Advisors ComplaintsVoya Financial Advisors (CRD#: 2882/SEC#: 801-46585,8-13987) is a brokerage firm and investment advisory firm regulated by FINRA and the SEC.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Voya Financial Advisors is licensed to operate in 53 U.S. states and American territories.

According to FINRA, the firm has 42 total disclosures on its record, including 33 regulatory events and 9 arbitration awards.

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Here, you will find an overview of some recent Voya Financial Advisors customer complaints and regulatory sanctions. In addition, we offer a running list of news stories and other events involving brokers and financial advisors at this firm.

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Voya Financial: Notable Investor Complaints and Regulatory Sanctions

Failure to Protect Customer Information

In September of 2018, the SEC imposed sanctions on Voya Financial Advisors for its failure to adequately protect sensitive investor information.

In violation of federal securities regulations, the brokerage firm failed to create a proper system to safeguard its customers from identity theft. Indeed, the usernames and passwords of more than 5,600 customers were exposed to fraudsters. Without admitting or denying any wrongdoing, Voya Financial was censured and fined $1,000,000.

Failure to Supervise Securities Representatives

In March of 2019, the Connecticut Securities and Business Investments Division took action against Voya Financial Advisors for its failure to supervise one of its representatives.

Specifically, Connecticut alleged that an agent of Voya Financial misled investors. In total, the firm paid $915,000 in restitution to affected investors and a $100,000 civil fine.

Violation of Federal Securities Law

In March of 2017, the SEC brought a complaint against Voya Financial Advisors for alleged violations of federal securities law. Among other things, regulators contend that the broker-dealer failed to disclose material conflicts of interest to its clients.

Specifically, Voya Financial was receiving undisclosed commissions from a third-party broker for making certain recommendations.

Without admitting to or denying wrongdoing, the brokerage firm was censured, fined $300,000, and agreed to pay more than $2.6 million in disgorgement.

Unsuitable Investment Recommendations

In November of 2016, FINRA filed a complaint against Voya Financial Advisors for making unsuitable investment recommendations to customers.

Regulators alleged that representatives of the brokerage firm encouraged investors to buy long-term variable annuities (VAs) and then surrender them early, subjecting customers to unnecessary fees.

This investment guidance was unsuitable and the brokerage firm had no supervisory system in place to identify this problem. Without admitting to the allegations, Voya Financial Advisors consented to a $2.75 million fine and agreed to create a plan that called for payments of nearly $1.8 million in financial restitution to investors.

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