Jason LeBlanc, Formerly of Girard Securities, Barred by FINRA Following Allegations that he Failed to Disclose Several Outside Business Activities

Jason LeBlanc was ordered to pay back clients who bought promissory notes in a coffee shop co-owned by his wife.

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Jason Hyson LeBlanc (CRD#: 2483182) faces discipline from FINRA and the Texas State Securities Board. LeBlanc was formerly employed by Girard Securities from 2009 until 2015, when he was discharged based on allegations that he was participating in an outside business activity without notifying the firm. The outside business activity was sale of promissory notes in a coffee shop co-owned by his wife.

LeBlanc sold fourteen investors unsecured promissory notes in the coffee shop. Eleven of the fourteen investors were Girard clients. The notes offered an annualized return of 8% for three years and were issued through Missco Services, a now-defunct entity controlled by LeBlanc. LeBlanc himself had no ownership stake, but incorporated and acted as CFO for both companies that controlled the coffee shop.

The Texas State Securities Board ordered LeBlanc to repay the fourteen investors $366,218 in promissory notes he sold. Additionally, LeBlanc is suspended from soliciting new accounts on behalf of Vere Global Wealth Management — his current firm — for one year.

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