Kim Kopacka, Formerly of IMS Securities, Barred by FINRA Following Allegations She Helped Her Husband Produce $6 Million in Commissions

Kim Kopacka allegedly enabled her husband, who was barred by FINRA 20 years ago, to continue doing securities transactions from 2002 to 2016.

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Kim Kopacka (CRD#:3153396) was barred by FINRA following allegations that she and another individual, Beth DeBouvre, permitted and enabled a disqualified and barred person to conduct securities business by allowing Kopacka’s husband to associate with and conduct securities business through member firms and engage in activities requiring registration, despite the fact that he was barred by FINRA.

FINRA’s complaint alleges that for the last 20 years, Kopacka and DeBouvre allowed Kopacka’s husband to meet with new and existing firm customers and recommend the purchase and sales of securities to them, resulting in securities transactions of approximately $42.65 million and commissions of approximately $6.35 million.

Kopacka was suspended for two years for the misconduct and DeBouvre was suspended for 15 months.

Mr. Kopacka was barred in 1998 by FINRA’s predecessor, NASD. His wife later became a licensed broker in 1999, and allegedly worked as a front for her husband’s securities business. According to the complaint, Mr. Kopacka worked in a back office while Ms. Kopacka worked in the reception area.

Mr. Kopacka was fined $340,000 and barred from the securities industry as a result of allegations that he continued to meet with existing and new clients and recommended securities transactions.

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